Wine Vending Machine!
Wine Vending Machine!
Jossue Rivas

This Week In Food: A Wine Fountain, the Femme Fatale, and F'ing Huge Tortillas

It's Friday ladies and gents, but before you go out and drink yourself to oblivion or find something more productive to do, let's take a look at this week in food.

Edwin went to Two 40 South in Brea and experienced a wine fountain! I don't mean an actual fountain, which would really be in poor taste. Two 40 South serves up wine the way you get soda from a soda fountain or frozen yogurt from a self-serve machine. Welcome to the future. Servers? What servers? Then he revealed that DX Peruvian in Santa Ana has closed and will be superseded by Inka Mama's. Last, he wrote about McDonald's latest menu addendum - an egg-white only McMuffin. Oh, sound the horns, because truly, the yolk was the only thing keeping me.

Gustavo visited Bella Cuba in Santa Ana and gave it a positive review after he was finally overcome by the ever-increasing power of their mojo sauce. And that's definitely in the culinary way, not the sexual way. Then he reviewed the sobaqueras, or fucking huge white tortillas in English, from St. Mary's Mexican Food in Tucson. Obviously that's nowhere near Orange County, but we're just getting some national comparisons here, people. And last he gave us another installment of Geeta Bansal's chef interviews - this time with Catalan Chef Carme Ruscalleda of Restaurant Sant Pau, located in Sant Pol de Mar between Barcelona and Girona.

Anne Marie announced that Sprinkles has set the opening date of their ice cream shop in, where else, Corona del Mar. Then she shared the scandalous femme fatale desert from the Sticky Pig in Tustin. Last, she coined the appropriately named, Headliner, from the Silver Trumpet in Costa Mesa as the drink of the week.

Dave gave us another one of his entertaining lists. In this episode he quantified the most annoying customers served in restaurants, and was, unsurprisingly, bashed for doing so. Sarah went to Panvimarn, a Thai restaurant in Lakewood Village, for her Long Beach Lunch. Niyaz Pirani wrote a love letter to his most favorite server ever that can be found at Lake Forest's Slater's 50/50. And last but never least, Dave Mau lamented about the tiki-bar, Bahooka, closing its doors after 46 years of business.

Yippity-yeah, that's all folks!

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