Sweet sourdough at Crave
Sweet sourdough at Crave
Jossue Rivas

This Week In Food: A Gun at McDonald's, Crazy Rick Bayless, and Lobsticles

We were so happy to welcome back a food writer this week - Michelle Woo! Let's take a look at what she and other writers had to say...

Edwin reviewed Crave Restaurant and Café in Santa Ana and mused over their delicious sandwiches. Then he shared a particularly strange story where an off-duty cop pulled his gun on a McDonald's worker because his order was taking too long. WTF?! And last, he told us about a man in the U.K. that gave his resignation letter on a cake - in order to start a cake business.

Gustavo went to Full Moon Sushi for his Hole in the Wall column, and hoped that the growing chain will retain its good food and true roots. Then he facilitated another interview by Chef Geeta Bansal, in which she spoke to Martin Berasategui, the legnedary Basque chef. Gustavo told us the sad news that the founder of Weinerschnitzel has passed away, and last, he ripped on celebrity-chef Rick Bayless for making another outlandish claim about Mexican food.

Michelle came back with a flurry of stories. In one she told us about the magnificent "lobsticle" from our seafood darling, Slapfish. She shared a story where a man was allegedly beaten for taking one too many free samples from Costco. Obviously, a stand-alone occurrence, because then all our asses would've been beaten to hell by now. Last, she announced the creation of Pitfire Pizza's secret speakeasy. There are few details as of late, but anything that has the word speakeasy in it is pretty cool.

Anne Marie named Rossana Sparkling Wine the Drink of the Week, and she announced that Nepenthia beirgarten will open in Costa Mesa. Then she shared the amazing, salted peanut-butter toffee cookies from Tender Greens...nom nom nom. Bill visited Muelle Tres in Ensenada for Tijuana Sí! and supped on some incredible seafood. Sarah went to Number Nine for her Long Beach Lunch, and Ali Lerman, a regular music and comedy writer, joined us on Stick a Fork In It. She interviewed Scott Conant from the Food Network's Chopped All-Stars.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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