As serious as a heart attack.
As serious as a heart attack.

This Week In Food: 8,000 Calorie Burger, Walmart to Start Stocking Craft Beers, and Shitheads Who Tip Poorly

Enjoy this week's edition of all that is fit to read, eat and oggle at (above) from this week at Stick A Fork In It! Read it all after the jump.

Rejoice, fair drinkers:

Arnold Palmer authorized an alcoholic version of his signature drink

-- half lemonade and half iced tea. Also from



Walmart will start stocking more craft beers

. Our Tool of the Week goes to the lovely

party of six who left a $2.21 tip for a $177 meal at Break of Dawn


Gringo Bandito

, the unofficial hot sauce of

the Weekly

, is preparing a limited edition private reserve version.

Edwin reports that the new Mozza might lose its liquor license. Also: the Heart Attack Grill brings a 8,000 calorie burger to Vegas. He also gave us his handy guide to supermarket sushi. PBS will rerun Julia Child episodes.

Dave offers ways to be polite in Mexican restaurants. Also: who has a superior cheesesteak? Why won't Starbucks offer lids that don't spill?

Anne Marie went On the Line with chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales of Nirvana Grill. Read parts one, two and three here.

Happy eating!

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