This Week in Food
Grace Le

This Week in Food

Lion burgers, teriyaki and bars--OH MY!!

Find out more about what you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It.

Edwin tells the sordid tale of a man who got busted for served his meat a little

too rawr

, introduces a

new food truck

to the OC area, finds more


that will begin carrying fresh produce, wraps his lips around some

spotted dick

(You were so asking for it, Edwin) and gets a hold of

Jose Piaggio


Piaggio on Wheels

for a three-part



Dave describes the reincarnation of Gourmet magazine into Gourmet Live for the iPad, finds quelites at the farmers' market, lists five fancy kitchen buys that might just be worth the dough, grabs a bite at Teriyami and explains why your bouncer hates you.

Gustavo answers the question of why there are no Cambodian restaurants in OC, recounts an arrest at a Taco Bell walk-through and continues his critique of local food trucks with Calbi BBQ.

Vickie reports that the Dos Chinos Truck has been ousted from its Santa Ana roost, Jessica grabs a drink at the band new Commissary Lounge located at the Lab and Willy gives us great recipe for tomato and bread salad.

Finally, we continue our countdown of our Top 100 Favorite dishes.

Bon appétit!


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