This Week in Food

In the last seven days, we blogged about:

The kogi truck. C'mon, you know you missed our posts on it. This one was from Matt, whose sources noticed "people... coming out of the bushes" to stand in line for the BBQ grub. Creepy.

A new restaurant, Seasons 52, which is coming to South Coast Plaza next year. This Mississippi chain's USP is the fact that all its menu items come in at under 475 calories. Sadly, judging by one reader's comment, it's all down to the mini portion sizes. Dammit!!!!

A stunning-sounding Toffee Cake with Butterscotch Sauce, made by Deborah Schneider at SOL Cocina (who, by the way, gave some fabulously mouthwatering answers to our 'On the Line' grilling).


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