This Week in Food

This Week in Food

This week, Stick A Fork In It has managed to cover everything from crime and condiments to burgers as big as your face!

Gustavo's Taco Bell Crime of the Week recounts the story of an ex-manager on the run after an ultimate act of job dissatisfaction.

Edwin discovers a Korean cookie that blows Chips Ahoy out of the water, scouts out the sausage fest that is the newly opened Vahalla Table in Costa Mesa, and constructs an epic list of this year's participants in OC Restaurant Week for your dining convenience. Also, if you're a fan of grill, Edwin recommends his favorite salivation-inducing OC burger joints (none of which are In-N-Out).

Dave continues his conversation encounters with another installment of Overheard at the Farmers Market and forages through Chowhound's list of ultimate OC Restaurants for diamonds among the duds. He also gives the Placentia po-po a pat on the back for un-douchebaggy conduct, continues his course on Korean ethnic eating, and gets adventurous with a whole lot of coke (of the beverage variety).

Willy goes out of bounds to put Temecula wines to the test in this week's Dueling Dishes and Jessica's Drink of the Week is there to spot you with a morning-after cocktail if $10 wines aren't up your alley.

Finally, we visit Brodard Chateau and Restaurant for a bowl of scrumptious vegetarian noodle soup and a classy vegan-friendly dessert that doesn't disappoint.


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