This Week In Food

The big news of the week, broken by John Birdsall of our sister publication, the SF Weekly, was that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Yelp, alleging that they attempted to trade burial of negative user reviews for advertising dollars. Chuck Strouse from the Miami New Times continued the story with the plaintiffs' side, and our own Matt Coker introduced everyone to the principal plaintiff, a Long Beach veterinarian.  Everyone who was shocked by this alleged extortion, raise your hand. Thought so.

In restaurant opening news, Inka Grill has moved into the former Thai Tasty Corner in Costa Mesa, Rocio Camacho of Moles La Tía in East LA has moved closer to OC and become executive chef at La Huasteca, the fine folks at the Bruery are finally thinking of opening a place that's open more than three evenings a week, and... something else, it's slipped my mind. Some pizza place. Oh yes, Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali are bringing Mozza to Newport Beach.

Edwin had a very busy week. He tried some Korean candy (that Freshia market is a boundless source of wacky snacks), gave us the lowdown on how to buy a $110 bowl of ramen and how to avoid buying a $110 bowl of ramen, recommended some stops for OC Restaurant Week. He also explained that there really is an excuse to party every day, discussed the need for a redesign of the hot dog (hint, redesigners: less phallic) and talked about the stunning revelation that fast-food breakfast sales go down when the job market sucks.

Gustavo talked about the addictive manakeesh (Lebanese pizzas) and the three places in Anaheim's Little Arabia that serve them and gave us a view into Taco Truck Deathmatch, then listed just nine of the many reasons to loathe Guy Fieri. (#10 was edited out; it's the body hair). His quiz on who the photophobic restaurant owners are was answered quickly, too.

Jessica outed the beignets at Scott's Seafood, which seem to be made with pâte à choux, cheesecake and crack cocaine. In liquor news, the Bellinis at Pizzeria Ortica are enough to take your mind off the size of the check, and you've now got all you need to make your own great margaritas.

Vickie, our Web editor, found a website that covers whether certain foods can be successfully cooked in a waffle iron. As someone who has made dishwasher catfish, manifold stew and beer can chicken, I approve.

Grace clued us in on the joy of freshly-made soy at Dong Phuong Tofu.

Willy pitted indoor tacos against outdoor tacos in this week's Dueling Dishes.

I single-handedly tried to improve the parlous condition of America's home cookery, waited a long time for some pretty decent Spanish truck food, shone the light into some lesser-known OC bakeries, introduced a prickly vegetable, and commended Stonefire Grill for giving back to the community.

Maria Sanchez of Anaheim's Los Chilangos went on the line with us and talked about corn smut (delicious, delicious corn smut), and Ethnic Eating 101 this week was last seen hiking toward Machu Picchu in the highlands of Peru.


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