This Week in Food

Catch a crustacean and they'll cook it for you on the house! More on where to find these "claw machines" and everything else you missed this week in Stick a Fork in It after the jump!

Gustavo tells us of a cash drop gone horribly wrong in

Taco Bell Crime of the Week

, tastes

Louks Greek Gourmet To Go

for his first installment of roach coach reviews, answers the question of where to find a decent

cemitas place

in the OC and confirms that his guess of which OC establishment's owner got busted for



Dave lists five ways to Redeem the KFC Double Down, gets his drink on at Dave & Buster's, gives us the lowdown on where to find skill-crane games involving real lobster claws, announces the disappointing closure of a certain deli-style food truck, duels meatballs from Cortina's and Niberino's and reminds us that the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is coming up fast!

Edwin counts down the first five of our new series listing our Top 100 Favorite Dishes in Orange County, gets a hold of Gino Buananoce and Salvatore Ferrera of Antonello Ristorante for a three-part interview, goes for a Milky Wacky Snack and announces the arrival of a new sports bar near the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Jessica sips on a scooby snack while Willy takes a cue from Hanibal Lecter and whips up a recipe for fava beans. Also, Spencer reminds us that this weekend is the last to say, "Goodbye," to the Omelette Parlor; so if you haven't yet, now is the time!


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