This Week in Food

From jelly rats to racist PR debacles, see what you missed this week in Stick a Fork in It after the jump!

Talk like a racist and get some free edamame! Megan reports on the backlash of RA sushi's "Me Luv You Long Time" promotion.

Spencer announces the forced closure of Omelette Parlor, a long time OC eatery, while Jessica shares a sweet little recipe for kalimotxo in "Drink of the Week" to take the edge off our blues.

Edwin decapitates some jelly rats in "Wacky Snacks," dishes some details on Anaheim Hills' new Canyon Restaurant, gets a hold of Jonathan Munsayac for a three part interview about Tranquil Tea Lounge and muses about some possible food bloggage done by--Elijah Wood??

Dave discusses why eating shark fin is so controversial, lists five real Mexican drinks to make your Cinco de Mayo more festive and announces a Frappuccino happy hour at Starbucks!

Gustavo recommends some great pizza to accompany your boxing match and once again brings us the "Taco Bell Crime of the Week."

Finally, Willy duels Sauvignon Blancs and gets his drink on at the Pike Bar & Fish Grill in "Drunk After Work!"


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