This Week in Food

This Week in Food

Stick a Fork In It seems to have hit the ground running this new year and here are the stories to prove it.

Dave has been a particular busy guy. This week he gives us an introduction to eating out--Korean style and shares some hilarious quips in response to things he overheard At the Farmers' Market. He also deconstructs the nutritional value of holy communion for those who have always wondered and shines a light on the fabulous world of gay wine! As if that wasn't already a mouth-full, Dave puts on his party hat to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day and arms himself for a battle of the empanadas.

Edwin has also had his hands full. This week he introduces us to Taco Bell's newest weight-loss spokes person and sizes up a $177,000 tuna against some other luxury dishes. Hypochondriacs will be interested to read as Edwin dishes the dirt on what substances you might find on your average soda fountain. Also, stay informed of your eating options with Edwin's list of restaurant openings and closures of 2009.

Gustavo tells us why the Santa Barbara based Habit Burger Grill may not live up to its name, but Willy makes up for it by giving us the skinny on how to make the best sandwich we'll ever have. Now, how can you resist a sell like that?

If you've got yourself a sweet tooth, Jessica's got the perfect new place to do dessert. She also lets us in on a place that offers 10 cent wine tasting!

Finally, for the herbivores this week's Life on the Veg goes to Avanti Cafe where the flavor is abundant and the portions are filling!


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