This Week in Food

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Edwin slurps on some

swallow's saliva

, foretells the demise of the

KFC Double Down





of our





Dave gives us a delicious recipe in time for squash blossom season, lists five things they actually drink in New Jersey, announces the arrival of a Punjabi Tandoor in OC, reveals which Japanese airline will start serving draft beer, gets a hold of Jeff Duggan of Portola coffee for an in-depth interview and answers where to eat before the 2010 MLB All-Star game.

Gustavo updates the status of the rumored whereabouts of Haven Gastropub's second location, recounts this week's "Taco Bell Crime of the Week" (with a bonus) and answers the question of how he stays slim while stuffing him face for a living.

Finally, Willy grabs a drink at the V Room and duels rosé against rosé while Jessica sips on surprisingly sweet LA Water.


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