This Week in Food

This Week in Food

Hope you're hanging in there on this glorious New Year's Day (aka National Hangover Day). Remember to drink lots of water and take a look at what you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It to give yourself an excuse to hang out in your shorty robe for a couple more hours! If you're the type that likes to fight fire with fire, put on some pants and look into Jessica's drink of the week to ease that throbbing head.

Edwin, Gustavo, and Dave take a look back on their Top Five Dishes of '09. Continuing on with the lists, Edwin takes us down memory lane with his top five sitcom food moments and announces a statewide ban on trans fat starting 2010. Dave gives those of us who's New Year's resolution is to shed some winter fluff a little push by sharing five places to get our hands on a tasty salad.

In other happenings, Dave also briefs us on the best kept breakfast secret in Fullerton, announces the launch of a real-sugar line of some classic colas, and vents about some retail sneakiness he experienced at Juice it Up.

We also visited Laguna Beach's Taco Loco for the Monday night special in Life on the Veg and did some major munching on Everyone Says Good Good Eats ramen cubes in this week's Wacky Snacks.


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