This Week In Food

This week in Stick a Fork In It:

There was breaking news a-plenty, from Jamie "You Callin' Me Chubby?" Oliver bringing his anti-obesity crusade to the US to Pascal Olhats' imminent arrival at French 75 at Fashion Island to the dismal revelation that only two local bars made it on to Esquire's "Best Bars in America" rundown.

Meanwhile, Gustavo chowed down at Napa Rose, finding that it's still holding up its mantle as a great OC restaurant. The fried asparagus sounded truly wonderful, and this from someone who can't bear the vegetable.

Edwin continued tracking the Kogi in OC--no mean feat, considering they frequently change their plans due to bad traffic and other problems. Note to fans: they're still planning on a trip to Santa Ana this Saturday, May 16 (track them on Twitter to be sure!!)


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