This Week in Food

How to create your own liquor infusions, epicurean confessions and more of what you missed this week in food after the jump!

Edwin announces the arrival of a

new gastropub

in Newport, munches on some Superior Chicharrones in "

Wacky Snacks

," gets a hold of

Joshua Miller


320 Main

for a

three-part interview





of our

top 100favoritefoods


Dave lists five of his foodie confessions, duels Tortas Ahogadas, takes Taco Bell's new street-inspired "cantina tacos" out for a spin, grabs a drink at Prego Restaurant and gets a taste of fifteenth-century dining at La Huasteca.

Gustavo describes the assault of a burrito blasted officer, answers where you can find great grub in the Anaheim Hills area, talks huitlacoche, matches Food Network stars with their TBN alter egos and continues his food truck adventures with the Lime Truck.

Finally, Vickie compiles five dog-friendly restaurants that are a must visit and Willy shows us how to create our own fennel-infused liquor.


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