This Week in Food

This Week in Food

Dave shows us five great places to eat around Disneyland, teaches to make some fluffy gougères, and argues his case against high fructose corn syrup in response to some controversy stirred up by last week's Throwback post. He also schools us in the art of Ethiopian eating and asking for the check in 20 different languages. As if that wasn't enough he also braves the rainy weather to bring us what he overheard at last week's farmers market!

Edwin has been busy this week getting the scoop on all the local restaurant haps. Crazy about In-N-Out? Edwin's got the info on a behind the scenes profile on the prolific Southern Californian chain. Follow along as he chases down the new location of Koo's Catering truck, finds you a new job at the Lazy Dog career fair, and gets Jozeph Besharati of Lake Forest's House of Kabob on the line. Edwin also breaks the news of Burger King's plans to push forward with a Whopper Bar! How would you like a Bud with your fries?

In honor of its founder's passing, Gustavo discusses why Taco Bell has made a lasting impact on American dining (and waste lines!). Willy also goes south of the border for a Dueling Dishes edition on Mexican hot chocolate!

Jessica kicks back with a glass of southern pear tea at Memphis and takes one step closer to diabetes by ordering up a slice of Turtle Pie in Dessert of the Week.

Finally, this week's Life on the Veg puts a spin on a well known vegan favorite at the Irvine's Wheel of Life. It's lip-smackin' good!


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