This Week in Food

Patrón? Pa-lease. Four reasons why the tequila brand is an affront to Mexicans and more of what you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It after the jump!

Gustavo tells us why he thinks we should say

"pass" to Patrón

, noshes on some

yummy cupcakes

, discusses how Hennessy might be

doctoring Mexican history

to boost cognac sales, answers the question of what might stand as

OC regional cuisine

, dishes out this week's "

Taco Bell Crime of the Week

" and




of our





Edwin gets down with Thu Tran's "Food Party," grabs a drink at Citrus Cafe, reports on N.Y.C.'s conversion to L.A.-style food grades, announces the date for National Cheesecake Day and macs on some Chips In Cup for this week's "Wacky Snack."

Dave lists of five things not to buy in a supper market, announces the opening date of the new Five Guys burger joint, explains why cutting matters, hits the Long Beach Street Food Fest, tackles a genuine manwich, hails the coming of OC's very first food truck lot, takes a bite out of a Little Bull Sandwich, challenges Corner Bakery's salad dressing and gets a hold of James Foxall of OC Foodie Fest (and Taco Dawg) for an in-depth interview.

Finally, Ted delves into why we need more Colombian food in OC, Vickie compiles a list of great late-night eats, Willy wages a battle between olive oils and Jessica takes a dive into a Big Fish Bowl at the House of Big Fish and Cold Beer for her "Drink of the Week."

Whew! Talk about a mouth-full.


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