R.I.P. Glen Bell
R.I.P. Glen Bell

This Week in Food

Gustavo pays homage to the death of Taco Bell founder, Glen Bell, by breaking a 15-year streak of abstaining from the fast food chain. He also recounts a botched inside job in Taco Bell Crime of the Week and discusses some delicious Vietnamese dumplings on KCRW's Good Food.

Edwin lists the participating restaurants in Newport Beach's Restaurant Week and some dining establishments that will donate proceeds to funds relief efforts in Haiti. He also announces the invasion of OC by a Canadian food-chain that has a surprisingly awesome calorie-counting website feature.

Dave continues his adventure through Korean Ethnic Eating, list five great alcoholic drinks to lube your engine in the morning, and supplies the snark at Overheard at the Farmer's Market. He does some delightful ranting about the worst show on the food network and satisfies your curiosity about Pepsi's new Throwback edition in this week's Dueling Dishes.

Willy talks dirty to us in this week's recipe and Jessica smothers her sweet tooth with the "bad girl crepe" from Irvine's The Crepe Maker.

If you're looking for a new place to get your veggie nosh on, check out this week's Life on the Veg where we wrap our lips around 7 spicy inches of veg-friendly sausage at Costa Mesa's new Valhalla Table.


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