This Week in Food

This Week in Food

It's been a busy week for Stick a Fork in it, so we'll just drive right in!

Dave introduces us to five foods first eaten out of desperation, gives his suggestions on how to circumvent tasty tomato scarcity, describes how one food truck has begun to do deliver and holds a battle of the Lebanese pizzas. He also continues his 101 on Peruvian cuisine, gives us the scoop on where we can find Nike-shaped macaroons and shows us that ugly is as ugly tastes when it comes to Murcott tangerines.

More dining digest after the jump!

Edwin gives us some pointers on how to maximize our

$1 IKEA meatball plates

this weekend, wraps his chompers around some

freeze dried ice cream

and shows those of us who are behind in films where the

Oscar party

is at. He goes on to give us the skinny on a new

crepe food truck

that is to debut this week, show us how

old school pad thai

is made and presents "chef of the century," 

Joël Robuchon

, munching on an In-N-Out burger!

Gustavo shows that what goes around comes around in Taco Bell Crime of the Week, shares a funny story about his autographed bottle of Gringo Bandito, gets Mark McDonald of Old Vine Cafe on the line and take a stab at the snobs of Mesa in Costa Mesa. Also, don't forget that Gustavo and Edwin are hosting Deep End Dining bloggger, Eddie Lin, for a book signing this weekend!

Willy give us an awesome recipe for blood orange polenta upside-down cake before the ruby red fruits go out of season, Vickie introduces the new Happy Hours iPhone App from the Village Voice and Jessica suggests deliciously baked crispy bread with almonds in Dessert of the Week.

Finally, we explain how, despite its awesome Yelp rating, Tustin's Masala Bowl falls flat in this week's Life on the Veg.

Whew! That was a mouthful.


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