This Week In Food

We may have been slightly distracted by Obama's visit to the OC this week, but that didn't stop us from blogging with gusto... Indeed, I tried to guess where the President might eat during his Southland trip (I'm still none the wiser).

I also blew the lid off popcorn prices, which have risen an evil 666% since 1929. Okay, that's 80 years, but movie tickets have gone up a relatively paltry 66% over the same period.

Edwin was devastated to find out too late--thanks to his iPhone running out of juice-- that he'd missed the Kogi Korean Taco Truck, which finally came to OC. IPhones be damned! (Says the girl whose BlackBerry has given up the ghost twice in six months).

Gustavo discovered he might have an imposter. Maybe the doppelgänger thought he was still in San Bernardino, where he'd been earlier in the week, tucking into some superb-sounding New Mexico-style enchiladas.

We also brought you news of forthcoming openings (Churro Station, Kéan coffee house and Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries).

Happy chowing, readers!


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