This Week In Food

As the mercury soared, SAFII got all hot and bothered. In the last five days, we:

Whinged about the lengthy menu at Mustard's.

Ranted about how New York magazine grub blogger Hadley Tomicki seemingly ripped off Fullerton food critic Eddie Lin.

Seethed and fumed about Padma Lakshmi, who has apparently been given the green light for her own NBC sitcom. The horror!

Begged the Coolhaus ice cream van to head our way. This has Edwin's obsession with the kogi truck written all over it.

Talking of which, said fellow blogger cried with joy (OK, not quite, although I wasn't there so I can't say for sure) when he reported that "Kogi's O.C. permit problems are history"...

Although we would've been forgiven for shedding a tear or two over the demise of Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua, as mentioned by our colleague Matt.


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