May your insulin be with you.
May your insulin be with you.

This Week in Food

From Star Wars themed confectioneries to secrets spilled by Kogi Truck chef, Roy Choi, read on for all the juicy "Stick a Fork In It" happenings of the week!

Edwin announces the date "

Top Chef: The Tour

" plans to hit the Irvine Spectrum, reveals where Chef Roy Choi of the famed

Kogi Truck

found his inspiration, munches on some fabulous seasoned seaweed in

Wacky Snacks

and says goodbye to

Pizzeria Ortica

Chef Steve Samson. He also digs into an informative two part interview with

Sam Gupta



in Tustin and announces the plans for an

OC Kids' Restaurant Week


Dave gets his happy hour on at Proof bar in Drunk After Work, lists five Mexican foods that would actually be recognizable in Mexico, gives us a taste of Russian gourmet food and picks up some kohlrabi at the farmers' market. He also satisfies our sweet tooth with a French recipe for poires belle Hélène. Mmm.

Gustavo tells a Taco Bell tale that will leave you aching, describes the onset of walking chicken fever and announces the rise of Santa Ana's Chago Ahogadas from Pupusódromo's ashes.

Vickie catches maki madness at Ra's all you can eat sushi contest and tells us where we can score some seriously nerdy Star Wars treats. Jessica gets her cocktail on with a Bahama mama and sits down with a slice of Spumoni gelato ice cream cake in Dessert of the Week. Willy shows that sometimes it's alright to be a little bitter in a Thai-themed Dueling Dishes and we get our mitts on some DIY grilled fish spring rolls in Life on the Veg!


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