Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain

This Week in Food

Dave was busy this week wreaking a little more havoc than usual. A facetious post on April 1st announcing culinary superstar Anthony Bourdain's intent to open a Les Halles in Newport Beach attracted way more attention than expected. Numerous link-tos and confused call-ins later, the LA Times officially cleared the air, posting a good-humored "Good one, guys" blurb complete with commentary from Anthony Bourdain himself.

Dave's other doings include a 101 on Chinese Ethnic Eating, Five Easter gift basket ideas fit for the ex, 10 ways to off a Marshmallow Peep, where to find yourself some butch cupcakes and a real Mexican pizza. He also describes an initiative that has the potential to raise the price of alcohol by several thousand percent!

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Edwin also observes April 1st with a post on the first-ever New York In-N-Out, gets a hold of David Coleman of Michael's on Naples for a two-part interview and announces the recent closure of a number of local eateries.

Gustavo describes what happens when law enforcement misbehaves at the Bell, answers your comida questions, grubs at the El Torito Grill in Fashion Island and announces the arrival of Gallo's Italian Deli II in Laguna Beach.

Willy does happy hour at Bouchees Bistro in "Drunk After Work" and shows us how to turn blood oranges into wine. Jessica kicks back with an Asian Pear Martini at OPAH and I get to fill in for "Dessert of the Week" and savor some delicious black sesame pudding.

Finally, Life on the Veg has an unfortunate run in with some vegetarian jerquee you don't want to mess with.


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