This Week in Food

Steak cakes aren't the only thing you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It. Sink your teeth into more juicy food news after the jump!
Vickie compiles an extraordinary collection of food posing as other food, Willy treats us to a cherry tart in "Recipe of the Week" and Jessica sips on a Red Lizzie at Costa Mesa's Tin Lizzie.

Dave announces the arrival of a new Hello Kitty line of wine to Newport Beach, lists five kitchen gadgets you should trash, feasts on lamb at the Olive Tree Restaurant, visits VR Green Farms in San Clemente, grabs a drink at 320 Main and battles Seolleongtangs in "Dueling Dishes."

Edwin gets Harry Kho of Harry's Deli On the Line for an in-depth three-part interview, munches on some tiny samosas in "Wacky Snacks," gives us a sign that food trucks are still hot and reminds us that the Tustin Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off is just around the corner.

Gustavo dishes out this week's Taco Bell Crime of the Week and continues his review of food trucks with Crepes Bonaparte.

Finally, we continue the countdown of our top 100 favorite dishes with numbers 90-86!


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