This Week in Food

Edwin explores the possibilities of "All Purpose Sauce" in Wacky Snacks, lists Five All Time Greatest Food Movies, answers the time-old question of what astronaughts do with taco sauce in space, and announces that it's that time again for tandoori Thanksgiving turkey!

Dave gets Santiago Vallejo of Mariscos Puerto Esperanza On the Line, conducts a blind taste test pitting 7-Eleven new line of Yosemite Road wine against Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck," and explains why the food truck phenomenon might not be so bad.

Gustavo's gloves come off when Ken of the John & Ken Show on KFI-AM 640 goes from raging on Mexicans to attacking the idea of eating goats.

Life on the Veg grabs some Pakistani grub in the middle of Garden Grove's Little Saigon, and look out this Saturday for when the Auld Dubliner of Tustin attempts to break the Guinness World Record by (appropriately) pouring the world's largest Guinness Draft!


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