This Week in Food
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This Week in Food

"Stick a Fork in It" has been busy this week prepping you for the holidays!

David unveils the caloric content of your typical office refrigerator during the holiday season and the results might prompt a head start on those New Year's resolutions. In addition to that, he lists his top five awful office food smells. David also counts down some hilarious alternative uses for an unwanted fruitcake and puts a name to those buttery Danish cookies we see circulating in tins every holiday season.

Gustavo sends you on your merry way with five great places to buy tamales for your holiday festivities, Vickie shares some festive photos of how Disneyland is celebrating the season with sweets, and Jessica wraps up these treats with a Chocolate Candy Cane Cocktail in Drink of the Week.

In other food news, Edwin sets us up with a sweet surprise at Ferrell's Ice Cream Parlor that can either end as a knee-slapper or a jaw-breaker. He also gets Hiro Ohiwa of Cafe Hiro on the line, announces this week's departure of Chimayo in Huntington Beach, and warms his winter belly with a soft tofu face-off between BCD Tofu House and Kaya.

Also, if you're feeling some curiosity about those meatless meats in the specialty foods isle at Albertsons supermarket, you might want to read this week's Life on the Veg before you buy.


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