This Week in Food

As a by-the-glass fellow, Dave applauds the rising use of enomatic wine dispensers, shares a tongue-tantalizing recipe for authentic Catalan aollioli, dives into multiple bowls of pho in "Dueling Dishes," lists five crappy restaurant penny-pinches that piss us off and gets a hold of Pete Lehmar of Gladstone's restaurant for an in-depth interview.

Still hankering from more tasty tidbits?

Then read more of what you missed this week from Gustavo, Edwin and the gang after the jump!

Edwin curbs his "Wacky Snack" attack with a bar of Meiji Back Chocolate, shares a scoop on Subway and Sizzler's plan to join the food truck caravan, does happy hour at Opah restaurant, announces the opening of a new ramen joint in Anaheim and reports on the new multimillion dollar extreme make-over for baby carrots.

Gustavo shares his thoughts on the involvement of 1800 Tequila and Arrogant Bastard in the death of an Angels pitcher, recounts the sordid tale of a Taco Bell embezzler and gives five tips for would-be salsa contests contestants.

Finally, Jessica sips on a bloody beer for "Drink of the Week" while the Stick a Fork In It crew continues the countdown of our top 100 favorite dishes.


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