This Week in Food

Our favorite SAFII posts of the week:

Gustavo unearthed another Taco Bell Crime of the Week. The "restaurant" overcharged a Washington family by $135, not including overdraft fees (which TB subsequently paid on his behalf).

Edwin ate in the dark one night--no, not because he didn't pay his electricity bill but because he'd been invited to the third annual Orange County Dining in the Dark event, hosted by the Foundation Fighting Blindness organization.

With spring officially upon us and a bounty of fresh produce to look forward to, I blogged about producer/director Carrie Gallison, who recently made a documentary about the history of South Coast Farms, OC's oldest farm.

We also brought you news that the hotly anticipated Kéan Coffee in Tustin had finally opened. I'm hoping to visit this weekend; early reports say it's busy and that staff are still getting up to scratch, which is to be expected.

The shocker of the week, perhaps, was that McDonald's ranked among the least unhealthy fast-food chains in America. I know that's like a double negative... but somehow it doesn't seem right to call McD's "healthy", apple dippers or no.


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