Kids' Beer
Kids' Beer
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This Week in Food

This week in food Edwin gets Ehrline Karnaga of Valhalla Table on the the line, scores an interview with Mario Melendez of Rasta Taco, announces the debut of a new Spanish Tapas and Paella food truck this weekend and shows that there is such a thing as a free lunch... for philanthropists, anyway. Also, when your kids come home tuckered out from hard day of school, Edwin has got the perfect treat! Have them kick back with a cool mug of beer for kids!

Gustavo relays the tale of a drunken Taco Bell break in and (along with Edwin) gets Extreme Cuisine author, Eddie Lin, to sit down with us for a book signing in March!

Dave addresses why food truck still aren't evil, continues his 411 on Persian cuisine, and pits gin against gin in Dueling Dishes. Ever wonder what you'd do with a 500 pound sea bass? Well, he has got you covered with a comprehensive recipe for fish tacos. Also, if you're contemplating what to sacrifice for lent, here's a list of five of the hardest things to give up.

Jessica digs into some Black Forest Cake at 85 degrees for Dessert of the Week and Willy shows us that when life gives you lemons... you should preserve them. If you're looking to go to this year's OC Beer Fest, Spencer treats us to some discounted tickets!

Finally, find out where you can score major points on your next vegetarian-friendly date in this week's Life On the Veg.


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