This Week in Food

Find out the Weekly's top pick for this year's favorite dish and what the Chilean miners ate after the jump!

Gustavo lays down the final entree of our

top 100 favorite dishes

, spills some details about the expected arrival of

Chapter One: the modern loca

l, recounts this week's

Taco Bell crime

, tells us where we can find a

great chimichanga

, tries Anepalco's

newest item

and gives us five reasons to like

Bobby Flay


Edwin cools down with this week's Wacky Snack, reveals another cafe where we can score a cup of some Intelligentsia Coffee, discusses the recent release of the zombiefied Happy Meal video, shares a new development regarding the 2011James Beard Foundation Award and reminds us that Happy Hour Week is right around the corner!

Dave discusses OC's broken school lunches, solves a birthday meal conundrum, supplies five reasons to explain the perplexing French paradox, cringes at OC Weekly 2010 Readers' Poll, compares OC crepes to the real deal, teaches us how to make some great gratin and reports on the Honda Center's revamped food selection.

Shuji shows us four places to pick out our ideal pumpkin, sheds some light on what the trapped Chilean miners had to eat, sips on a smooth Turkish coffee at Kéan, announces the first annual Couscous Festival and gets a hold of Stephanie Dinh of S Fine Dining for an in-depth interview.

Finally, Brandon does happy hour at Rockin' Baja Costal Cantina and reveals this week's minty drink of the week!


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