This Week In Food

This week in Stick A Fork In It:

There were deaths. Well, one, but it was huge, in many ways: Dom DeLuise went to the big pie shop in the sky.

There were evictions. Okay, again, just one, Haru Izakaya, but it was much lamented by Edwin, who'd only raved about it one month earlier. (Hey, Edwin, maybe it was your ranting about the Kogi truck, including the news that it's in OC this week, that killed off Haru? Betcha didn't think about that!)

Meanwhile, Gustavo seemed to think it was still April Fool's Day when he wrote about a local Indian restaurant that doesn't suck. Not just that, but an Indian buffet (at Dosa Place), where the star dish, puliyogre (tamarind rice), will have you creatin' your own tacos with the limitless naan.

But, really, blowing my own trumpet I may be, but I can't resist sharing Vince 'Blow Me' Shlomi's Rap Chop with you once more. Crank up that volume!!



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