This Week In Food
Craig Medici

This Week In Food

Have you ever seen a more productive and livelier week on Stick a Fork In It? I haven't decided whether this makes my job of recapping it all (while Grace is on vay-kay) easier or harder.

Let's see, so Dave "Ubergeek" Lieberman started the week a whole bunch of food-based pranks you can play on unsuspecting friends and family (I'll never trust anyone offering me an Oreo ever again). But that wasn't all from Dave: He showed us an actual beer bottle Christmas tree, got an interview with the woman behind Thai Nakorn's food, put out an easy-to-follow rules for service in a restaurant, created a potluck flowchart I call a work of comedic genius, wrote a sort-of primer of all-you need-to-know-about-Little-Saigon-food-but-were-afraid-to-ask, and finished with a rip off report on so-called "Lightsaber Chopsticks". PHEW!

In the meantime, Willy pitted two Long Beach tacos against each other for our weekly feature Dueling Dishes.

Gustavo shared his latest radio segment on Evan Kleiman's Good Food show on Rollie's -- one of very few Bolivian joints in Southern California, ripped a Dana Point rag for stealing his logo, but gets offered an olive branch of a free dinner by a Times editor to make up for the faux pas. He ended the week rhapsodizing on an Argentinian sweet called an alfajor.

Grace managed to eat vegetarian at a Korean tofu house without touching any kalbi or bulgogi. Jessica ate chocolate lava cake and drank an elderflower pear rickey and wasn't too sugar-shocked or sloshed to write about it. And Vickie gave us pictures and video from three diametrically opposed subjects: Guy Fieri at Disneyland, a creative pancake-making dad, and a PETA protest at McDonalds.

And through various tips, I reported on openings of two Italian restaurants across from each other, lamented on another food competition show which features two clueless OC cooks among other "Worst Cooks in America" candidates, ate fish from the farmers' market, got an oral fixation on something called Pepero Nude, and finally wrote this little summary of everything that's been written.

Geez guys, way to make me work for my money!


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