This Week in Food

Five french cheeses to nosh before you die and more of what you missed in Stick a Fork In It after the jump!

Dave embraces the odors and digs into five fantastic

French cheeses

and tells us

where apples go when they die


Edwin digs into some chocolate tree trunks for "Wacky Snack," announces the arrival of a new juice bar to Costa Mesa, holds a battle of the Hawaiian plate lunches, reminds us that it's time again for Irvine's Global Village Festival and shares a potential surf and turf disaster.

Gustavo tells us where we can grub on some great Menudo, follows KNBC's undercover bust of fraudulent farmers' markets, recounts this week's Taco Bell crime and debunks some outlandish claims made by Barbara Coe regarding asparagus and cancer.

Shuji gets a hold of Shelly Register of A Restaurant for an in-depth interview and geeks out with a brand new Star Trek-themed pizza cutter.

Vickie introduces the handy new OC Weekly iPhone app so you can check out Stick a Fork In It wherever you go, rings in the month of October by telling us where all the good zombie dance parties are and introduces us to the new Domino's breakfast pizza.

Finally, Brandon grabs a drink at Tantalum in Long Beach while Jessica sips on some Absolut-ly Lemonade while the rest of the crew continues the countdown of our top 100 favorite dishes.


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