This Week in Food
Gabe Swarr

This Week in Food

This week Gustavo laments the closure of a great Greek hole-in-the-wall and relays the tale of a pissed off Taco Bell patron and the projectile taco that got him arrested. Also, if you're looking for a little magic with your meals, he knows the man that can make it happen.

Edwin discovers the deliciousness of Meji Meltyblends, spies the arrival of an ex-Iron-Chef-owned restaurant in the Mistuwa food court, and announces the end of a ten year endeavor by Tustin's Traditions Restaurant to get their beer and wine license. He has also got the scoop on where you can score some amazing BBQ Shrimp.

Dave lists five cultural faux pas to avoid while dining out, gives us some pointers on how to decipher a Chinese menu,  schools us in the art of Persian ethnic eating, and gets Bobby Bognar of the History Channel's "Food Tech" on the line. He also battles two varieties of Vietnamese rolls and finds a convenient solution to woes associated with Valentine's Day congestion.

Willy tests out the theory that you can't go wrong cooking Brussels sprouts and Jessica sips on a blushing geisha in Drink of the Week.

Finally, we visit Raw for some on-the-go grub in this week's Life on the Veg and give you the low down on a place that dishes out a complimentary creme brulee instead of the average after dinner mint


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