This Week in Food

This week Stick a Fork In It covered food trucks, Tila Tequila, the new McDonald's geolocation app and more.

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Vickie announces the date of the Long Beach Street Food Festival, Edwin reports on some fusion food truck sightings in OC and the Kogi Truck rolls up to our very own office building!

Dave lets reality TV star and infamous plagiarizer, Tila Tequila, have a piece of his mind after she ripped off his Cinco de Mayo article from last week. He also compares different brands of flour in a biscuit bake-off in "Dueling Dishes," lists five food related patron saints, does happy hour at the Palapa Bar in Anaheim and schools the Christian Science Monitor on the different types and uses for fish sauce.

Edwin chomps on some cactus candy for "Wacky Snacks," discusses McDonald's plans for a geolocation app, announces the rise of Spicy City from the ashes of Royal Kitchen and discusses a great Simpsons inspired episode of Top Chef Masters.

Gustavo recaps this week's slithery "Taco Bell Crime of the Week," discusses false advertising at Baja Cachanillas, implores Kareem's to sell its amazing lentil soup on a daily basis and tells us where to find the best baklava in OC.

Jessica enjoys a brain hemorrhage (of the edible variety) and gets a hold of Gabriel Caliendo of the Lazy Dog Cafe for an in depth three-part interview while Willy dishes out a great rice pudding recipe for the cooking minimalist.


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