Fishwasher dish... uh, we mean dishwasher fish.
Fishwasher dish... uh, we mean dishwasher fish.

This Week in Food

Ever feel guilty about running a half-empty dishwasher? Well, Dave's got the perfect solution to optimize your appliance usage: Fill that empty space with tonight's dinner! Get an amazing recipe for his dishwater catfish and read about the triumphs and failures of other dishwater dishes. Dave also lists "Five Foods Not Worth the Effort", tells us where we can meet "Renegade Lunch Lady," Chef Ann Cooper, for a talk on how we can better our school lunches and finds tasty and tropical cherimoyas at the farmers' market! In food truck news, he announces the launch of the Crepes Bonaparte food truck and chows down on some awesome tacos acorazado from Alebrije's food truck in Santa Ana.

Edwin tries some teriyaki flavored cactus jerky in this week's Wacky Snacks, gets Native Food's Tanya Petrovna on the line for a two part interview, announces Ra's sushi eating contest, and tells us how far our tacos have traveled to end up in our tummies. He also introduces two new additions to the weekly Stick a Fork in It lineup: Our happy hour segment, "Drunk After Work," and our giveaway contest, "Guess Where I'm Eating!"

More from Gustavo and other food happenings after the jump!

Gustavo describes a "

Taco Bell Crime of the Week

" that takes a deadly turn, continues his praise of

Athenian Burgers

on KCRW's "Good Food," shares his perspective on the closing of Santa Ana's


and asks us all: "

What's the Big Deal About Bacon?


Jessica sips on a scrumptious black orchid iced tea in "Drink of the Week" and satisfies her sweet tooth with some creamy natilla from Felix Continental Cafe. Kimberly documents Memphis's  monthly Dinner With Dave and Willy conducts a postmortem of the now elusive red velvet cupcake.

Finally, a great Huntington Beach restaurant has re-opened with a fully vegetarian menu! Click here for more details on this new and improved local eatery!


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