This Week in Food

Raging stereotypes, delectable dishes and more of what you missed this week in Stick a Fork In It after the jump!

Edwin gives us the details on Blackmarket Bakery's food truck fail, gets Gustavo's POV on having a Lime Truck dish named after him, recognizes a local foodie philanthropist, munches on some Japon crackers in "Wacky Snacks," pits sushi against sushi in "Dueling Dishes," gets a hold of Stephanie Morgan of Seabirds for a three-part interview and announces the introduction of a new item on the Costco menu.

Dave describes five ways to take control of dinnertime, recounts a salmonella-tainted Taco Bell tale, heads to Haven Gastropub to get "Drunk After Work," shares a recipe for chicken hotdish, dishes out some more news on the new Taco Asylum at the Camp, reminds us of today's all-you-can-eat crawfish boil at IKEA, reveals the Black Tuesday beer release of 2010 and finishes up his interview with Ronnie Arnold of K'ya Street Fare.

Gustavo reveals this week's crack-covered Taco Bell crime, reports on Allan Mansoor's blame of taco trucks as the reason for his decent into anti-immigration politics, explores Taco Bell's choice to bring back Mexican stereotypes to sell their new "cantina" tacos and continues the countdown of our top 100 favorite dishes.

Finally, Vickie shares a sweet & salty recipe for potato chip cookies and Jessica sips on a Long Beach peach at Tequila Jack's for "Drink of the Week."


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