This Week In Food

So, this week:

Edwin revealed that two new local eateries--Sol Cocina (NOT Cucina!) in Newport Beach and Andrei's in Irvine--were finally opening. And that was just a day after Brasserie Pascal threw open its doors at Fashion Island. Vive la France!

We also broke news of a new, cheaper three-course menu at the St Regis's Stonehill Tavern. Looks like we might be able to enjoy the lush location more than once a year, after all.

And Gustavo thankfully found a Taco Bell Crime of the Week! that related to a customer (a 911 dispatcher, no less), accidentally shooting herself while at a TB drive-thru. I say "thankfully" because it gave him the opportunity to post that famous YouTube vid of the gun safety instructor shooting himself in the foot. I love the way he carries on his talk regardless...


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