Eh, good enough.
Eh, good enough.
Photo by Aneil Lutchman

This Is How You Peel a Bag of Potatoes in Under a Minute

I hate peeling food so much that I eat persimmons like apples, and they're honestly pretty easy to peel.

Potatoes? Forget about it. Every potato dish I make basically has some skin in it.

That is until now. Why? YouTube has gifted me with the fastest way to ever peel potatoes. It's so fast that you can go through a bag of potato skins in under a minute. All you need is a drill (and a long stick, and a bucket, and a very clean toilet brush).

Check out the method in the video after the jump.

Man, that's fast. Wasteful? Maybe a little, but a bag of potatoes costs like $5.. I think I'll survive.

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