This Is How You Make a Fried Mac and Cheese Bun

This Is How You Make a Fried Mac and Cheese Bun

I'm starting to get sick of unnecessary food combinations made up to build hype (See: Wafflegato, Ramen Burger. Milky buns get a pass because they should've always existed), and I think that the trend is finally on the way out.. mostly because it's starting to lose its luster.

But,like with any trend, as food combinations start to die, there are bound to be some final, parting good ideas. Today, Foodbeast, our favorite Santa Ana-based food blog, brings you one of those in the fried mac and cheese burger bun, born from the not-so-far-away city of Torrance.

Now. before any of you complain, let me defend the bun. You're already eating a bunch of starch, why not add some more cheese to the burger?

The rest is in the video, so get at it!

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