Flip 'em, flip 'em good
Flip 'em, flip 'em good

This Chinese Tourist Trap Might Be the Fastest Line Cook in the World

No one gets quiet as good as cooking flashy as people who cook for tourists, whether it's curling up some dragon beard candy, chopping coconuts, or flipping miniature pancakes like our friend here.

It takes a lot to impress tourists after all, or else, why would they even buy what you're selling. Case in point: The video after the jump. The guy flips miniature pancakes so quickly that I momentarily forget how much I hate pancakes (that's a story for another post).He might be the fastest line cook in the world, but one things for sure: Someone's buying those pancakes.

That's what? 2.5 flips per second? Wow.

And for a bonus, here's that dragon beard video I was talking about.

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