Thom slays our Wookiee Sour
Thom slays our Wookiee Sour

Theorem Pours Star Wars-Themed Caffeination All Month Long

A dark and steamy blend of excitement, coffee is the definitive answer to that time we call morning. It is also the most social of non-alcoholic beverages, creating its own lexicon and subculture drinkers of all ages can partake in. When in doubt, meet at the local coffeehouse. The Theorem concept from Portola Coffee Roasters took it a step further and gave it a personality beyond latte and espresso.

Recently, baristas at the six-seat counter pushed their creative outlet again with the introduction of cocktail-inspired beverages. Mind you, none of these have any actual alcohol in them. Yet egg whites, bitters and tonics are all on the menu. November was a month of experimentation. This month incorporates a cult classic from a galaxy far, far away.

Those who enter through the sliding door find themselves in a mini Mos Eisley Cantina, complete with quirky music and appropriately themed decor. With names like Obi Wan Negroni and C3P-Old Fashioned, it's hard not to nerd out. Our potion was a Wookiee Sour ($7), consisting of rye coffee, alcoari citrus, flarion egg white and wasaka berry. Refreshing and tart, it powered us through the rest of our errands. Less exotic alternatives are also available (Luke Chaiwalker, anyone?) for $5. You've got another three weeks to imbibe the Force, so use your time wisely.


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