The White House (Yes, The White House) Has Its Own Brewery

The White House (Yes, The White House) Has Its Own Brewery
Looks like Mr. President likes to throw back a good beer just like the rest of us. How very American.  

The Des Moines Register reported that Barack Obama has his own secret White House brewery. The news was revealed during the president's bus tour across Iowa, when a man at a coffee shop starting chatting up Obama about beer. Obama then gave the man a sample of the White House's home brew, which is stocked on the tour bus.   

Soon, media hounds were all over it, swarming White House spokesman Jay Carney with questions. 

What we now know: The home brew is called the White House Honey Ale, and comes in light and dark varieties. Its honey is from the White House garden created by first Lady Michelle Obama. Carney called the light version of the beer "superb" and "refreshing."  
Cue the comments about tax dollars and drinking problems from Obama haters in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . 

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