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The Week In Food: Linx Sausages, Drunk Drive-Throughing, and The Great Awakening

It's that time again and I bet you missed me, didn't you? Let's take a look at what happened this week in food...

Edwin reviewed the highly, highly, anticipated Linx in the Orange Circle and it was amazing as you might have guessed. That would have been a real bummer if it wasn't after all the waiting. Then he explored one of their interesting menu items - breakfast corn dogs! Nom nom. Next he told us to try the salted, scrambled egg and melon dish at Tasty Noodle House. Sounds pretty weird, but I trust his judgement. And last he presented the restaurant roll call for March.

Gustavo visited Knafeh Cafe in Anaheim for Hole in the Wall, and then he told us about the Taco Bell Crime of the Week, which happened to be a parent, drunk drive-throughing with their 8-year-old. Fun! Last he gave us another installment of Geeta Bansal's interviews with famous chefs - this time she spoke with Juan Mari Arzak, who is known as the father of Spanish cuisine.

Anne Marie gave us a nice heads up about Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's (psst, it's April 9th). Then she interviewed Joe Martin from Masterlink Sausage for her On the Line column, and she told us about how Carl's Jr. will be hosting a lunch date with the Laker Girls in Orange County. Seriously random, CJ, but ok!

Then I named The Great Awakening at Steamer's Jazz Club in Fullerton the Drink of the Week. And I will tell you now, just do it, just go and drink that damn, delicious perfection. Very last but not least, Sarah visited Modica's Deli for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next time, adios!

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