The Unluckiest 7-Eleven In Orange County

I have many fond memories of 7-11. When I went to Sycamore Junior High in Anaheim, I'd play the pinball version of Terminator 2: Judgment Day before taking the bus down La Palma Avenue. In my drunken years, 7-Eleven has always stocked my all-time favorite fast food: Zingers. And one of my most-prized possessions is a beat-up 7-Eleven cup that was a promotion back when Maggie shot Mr. Burns that I found on the street, used, which should show you the priorities I keep in this world.

There is one 7-11 I will never visit, however: the one on the corner of 17th and Flower Streets in SanTana. It's been the scene of hold-ups TWICE within the span of a recent week: a store robbery on Dec. 26, and a parking lot hold-up on Dec. 31. I've been to this 7-11 quite a few times, and it's actually the gateway business to SanTana Mayor Don Papi Pulido's Floral Park neighborhood--or, it would be if drivers could actually drive north on Flower into Floral Park. Maybe those segregationists are onto something--or maybe their bit of paradise might be coming to an end?


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