The Sticky Pig and Slater's 50/50 Make List of "Mind-Blowing Bacon Dishes"
The Sticky Pig

The Sticky Pig and Slater's 50/50 Make List of "Mind-Blowing Bacon Dishes"

Someone at Fox News must be local, because they just posted a list of 8 "Mind-Blowing Bacon Dishes", and a trio are coincidentally homegrown. Okay-- the complete article is a slideshow of 15, but since the remaining 7 didn't include Orange County, why elaborate?

Plugging the new Cars Land over at Disney's California Adventure, our first feature calls the Cozy Cone Motel home. Behold a crisp, conical pork structure that supports our favorite meal of the day. Filled with scrambled eggs and nothing else, we wonder if Imagineers could've maybe added, I dunno, hash browns?

Next on our short list, the ever-popular bacon hungry mini-chain featured in the first round of our recent

Game of Burgers

, Slater's 50/50. Last month's monthly special, the 'Merica burger, not only grinds our porkalicious protein, but adds bacon cheddar, bacon Island dressing, the practically mandatory eggs up, and yes, more bacon. Take your meds before ordering.

Rounding out the group, our brand of salty confections known as The Sticky Pig. Already featured on The Chew and Food Network, each sweet is hand-crafted. Created by ass-kicking bacon vixen Tara Simon, she wraps an entire slice o' pork around each piece before fillings and chocolate dipping. We suggest ordering a box for your sweetie. And if they don't like, that's just more for you!

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