The Six Most Disgusting Foods Offered at This Year's OC Fair

Fair season is over, at least here in the County of Oranges. We set out to try the most gruesome foods from the darkest depths of the deep fryer. For the reading pleasure of those who survived the Fair, here's our casualty report in the food department: a nonexistent appetite for half a week; an increase in body mass and decrease in bloodflow; and various cases of Number Two problems -- was that too much information? Check it out after the jump: the OC Fair's top six most disgusting foods.

6. California Sushi Roll (Optional: Deep Fried) at Sushi Bar

The Six Most Disgusting Foods Offered at This Year's OC Fair

Come on, people. Did you really think there wouldn't be a deep-fried option for sushi at the Fair? It's time we established that literally everything is fair game for the fryer--including the rolls at Sushi Bar. Instead of the usual burnt color of all things breaded and fried, the roll had a light, near-transparent crust, its innards fresh and intact. Some might wonder who would serve sushi at the OC Fair. But we wonder how they managed to both fit in with the barbequeries and remain faithful to the appearance and flavor of sushi.

5. Fried Candy Apples at Fair Fix

If you're a candy fan, these deep-fried candy apples might make you change your mind (unless you really are into hard and sweet desserts). No, seriously, these apples, which are covered in a cherry syrup-filled bread skin are so sweet they made our mouths feel as sticky as a bottle filled with super glue. And if that weren't enough, when we took a bite out of the actual fruit, it was as though we were eating rocks--so hard! So be careful next time you go to the Fair Fix booth--you may want to pass on these.

4. Fried Dills at The Ranch

The Six Most Disgusting Foods Offered at This Year's OC Fair

We had a love and hate relationship with these, and by that we mean that we enjoyed their really salty, oily and sour taste, but we also hated them all. So unless you're really into any of the things we just mentioned, you probably won't want to spent $6.25 on them. Really, don't waste your time, or money on these greasy pickles! Even the clerks at the booth defined them as "the most bizarre-tasting food " out of the entire menu. Come on now! What does that tell you?

3. Deep fried cheesecake at Fair Fix

The Six Most Disgusting Foods Offered at This Year's OC Fair

The first thing we noticed with the cheesecake was that it was shaped kind of like ... a cheesecake. We were impressed. But alas, what genius came up with the idea of deep-frying (extremely hot) cheesecake (frozen)? Tear through the breaded crust, and you'll end up with lukewarm cheese that's the consistency of ranch, but much sweeter. You'll get sick of its sweetness only a couple bites in, but this is still worth a clogged artery or two. Choose drizzled chocolate over caramel.

2. Deep-fried avocados at Chicken Charlie's

The Six Most Disgusting Foods Offered at This Year's OC Fair

Avocados are supposed to be healthy and yummy, right? But once you dice and deep-fry them, they become creamy monstrosities that gush in your mouth. Unlike most other fried items at CC, they don't come with fries, which is why we recommend you to ask for their pesto and oil dipping sauce that might help them taste slightly better, but then again, don't expect too much.

1. Deep-fried frog legs at Chicken Charlie's

The Six Most Disgusting Foods Offered at This Year's OC Fair

This was definitely the worst and most disgusting food we tried at the Fair--no competition. Deep-fried frog legs, along with French fries, lemons, and ranch sauce--it doesn't get more disgusting than that, does it? Seriously, why would Chicken Charlie's even put that on the menu? Still, naively enough, we figured the condiments would make it taste like chicken, or something similar. But it was not the case, as you may have guessed, and it got worse when we noticed what looked like veins popping out of the meat as we continued to eat the crunchy and juicy legs. We almost barfed! Not even the video animation that promotes them made them more appealing!

So there you have it, the top six most disgusting foods at the OC Fair. Hopefully you'll wise up and think twice before you try them at next year's OC Fair. We'll leave it up to you.

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