The Real Taco Adobe Now Offers Breakfast, is As Delicious as Ever

Don't get confused by Google when you search for Taco Adobe. The website might say it's in SanTana but gives you an Orange address, and that's partially true. See, owners Patricio Dillon and Marco Esqueda ran their SanTana location for a couple of years before opening another in Old Towne Orange.They sold off the SanTana spot last year and are no longer associated with that Taco Adobe, and the quality there has summarily gone the way of Robert Bisno's CityPlace. Their Orange Taco Adobe, however, is a different story.

I went there on Monday with the chica, and the food was as great as ever. This isn't a dive on the level of Las Brisas de Apatzingan; there will always be more gabachos and pochos than wabs. But that's okay: Esqueda's cuisine is muy Mexi but lighter on the stomach, and his daily specials remain as delicious as any five-star restaurant may offer. The chica went with her standard, a beer-battered fish burrito, and I wish I could tell you if it's as tasty as I remember it, but she ate it in minutes; I was able to admire how Esqueda's cooks toast the burrito on each side to add a delightful snap. I, on the other hand, freely shared what Esqueda called his shrimp and scallops del sur, a simple sautee of the sea jewels in a complex, creamy sauce with ancho chilies and god-knows-what-else goodness. I wish there was more white rice offered to soak up the sauce, but I'm sure they'd give it to anyone free of charge if you just ask. The flan, while not on the level of Taleo, is top-notch with its dark-chocolate swirls.

But the point of this post: they now offer breakfast. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's as stellar as before. Go and enjoy some of the best chilaquiles since the proverbial mami.

Taco Adobe (the REAL one), 121 N. Lemon St., Orange, (714) 628-0633.


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