"The Ramen Girl" Starring Brittany Murphy To Open This Week...in Japan

As I mentioned in my review of Ajisen Ramen, Tampopo is one of my all time favorite movies.  Now there's news that another movie about ramen -- called The Ramen Girl -- will be opening this week in Japan, but only in Japan.

What's the movie about?  Well you could read the synopsis courtesy of the film's distributor, which says:

Abruptly abandoned by her boyfriend, a young American woman (Brittany Murphy) finds herself suddenly alone and adrift in Tokyo. Lost in the shuffle of a foreign culture, and seeking to console herself, Abby winds up hanging out in her neighborhood ramen shop. After observing the magical effects of the shop's ramen on the customers, Abby convinces herself that her true path in life is to become a ramen chef. Abby persuades the shop's tyrannical, temperamental Japanese master chef to teach her the art of making ramen. And although their relationship is contentious and rocky, they both discover the most important ingredient of all - that each ramen bowl must contain a universe of feeling and truly be a gift from the heart.  

Or you could watch the trailer yourself:

Looks and sounds like Tampopo meets Lost in Translation right?

Well, so far, if the rumors around the web are correct, it'll have to find success as a cult film (like Tampopo) and less as an Oscar contender (like Lost in Translation) -- the movie, filmed in 2006, might not even be shown in American megaplexes, and could just end up as a direct-to-DVD release in the States.

I suppose not all food movies are as easily marketable as Ratatouille.


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