The Playground Hosts A Southeast Asian Street Food Night On Aug. 20

The Playground Hosts A Southeast Asian Street Food Night On Aug. 20
Frank DeLoach
The Playground, never one to leave any stone unturned or cuisine un-tackled, is taking on Southeast Asian food in its latest pop-up. On Aug. 20, sous chef Frank DeLoach will be heading up "Bites: South East Street Food," a casual, night-market-style event featuring dishes "inspired by the deliciousness of fish sauce, chilies and lime." Paper lanterns and twinkling lights will adorn the downtown Santa Ana restaurant, capturing the feel of the frenzied streets of Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. 

Here's a preview of the menu. (Sriracha truffles, oh-em-gee!)    

Bites: South East Street Food 

Green Papaya
Heirloom Baby Tomato, Summer Vegetables & Taro Chips

Kanom Jin Noodles
Pineapple, Dried Prawn, Chilies & Lime

Bánh Mi
Crispy Beef Tongue, Pickles, Tofu "paté"

Corn & Coconut Fritter
Sriracha, Cilantro

Garlicky Chicken Wings
Sweet & Sour, Cilantro & Lime

Caramel Pork
Crisp Garlic, Hong Kong Noodle, Herbs

Singapore Black Pepper Mussels
lots of black pepper, pickled thai chilies

Sriracha chocolate truffles 
$1 per piece

There'll be crafted Southeast Asian beer cocktails as well. The event starts at 5 p.m. No reservations necessary. 

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