The Old New Taqueria Tapatia

The Old New Taqueria Tapatia

My favorite taqueria in Orange County, Taquería Tapatía in big, bad SanTana, has a fucked-up chronology. It operates two locations, but the original location is actually the newest outpost, because redevelopment along Bristol Street forced its founding shack to transform into a gleaming edifice of meat (the one good thing Don Papi Pulido's redevelopment dreams have ever accomplished).  Still, Taquería Tapatía #2--about a block away on First Street--remains  the more advanced of los dos because it offers not just tacos, tortas and burritos like the O.G. spot, not just other dishes like the newer older one, but sells its delicious meats by the pound. Read here for my first ode to Taquería Tapatía #1 (the food quality at both are equally nummers), but I post this only to let folks know that the First Street spot is the 24-hour location (the original one used to be open 24 horas but now closes at two in the morn). And I only visited it because I was intent on eating a casamiento sandwich from El Amanecer, but SanTana Salvis apparently sleep early on Sundays; it was closed, and so I went to my new old stand-by. But, instead of dabbling Tapatía's excellent green sauce, I drenched my burrito in an oil salsa that offered heavenly hell. More tomorrow...

Taquería Tapatía #2, 1118 W. First St., Santa Ana, (714) 835-8168.

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